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    March 18, 2011


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    Hi DRL! Long time!
    I read the article and I have to admit that I am on the fence on this one. I am Canadian and lived overseas too. If things went sideways in Brazil, it would be good to know that we could count on the Canadian gov to help us out.
    Unfortunately, after the debacle of Lebanon, the government is rethinking their position(and rightfully so).
    For ex pats that are on two year leaves and still pay taxes in Canada etc, they should be able to be helped out. For the ones who just come to Canada and get a Canadian passport and go back to live in their country of origin,they shouldn't get the same privileges..


    I think the Canadian government should absolutely help any Canadian passport holder period.
    In this case, it's not the folks who return to their home countries having it both ways, but the Canadian government.
    It is not easy to become a Citizen, and Canada sucks in immigrants from all nations, nations who invest time and money to educate their citizens and then some of them end up in Canada, to help built the country.
    So, Canada gets lot's of educated immigrants and don't have to pay a dime to their education which helps built Canada and make it stronger.
    So, if these folks ever need help and they happen to be a Canadian citizen. You bet, open your wallet and pay up to help those folks who contributed to Canada for a good part of their lives.
    You just don't show up, say hi, how you doing and get a Canadian passport. There is a complex system of points and only the most qualified get in.
    So, sorry! I love CANADA very much, but pay up, it is time to pay back for what you already got.
    Help those who helped Canada be the strong nation it is today.
    Shame on Canada if they don't help Canadians abroad, beeing them immigrants or native citizens, help them regardless of birth place.
    That is the Canadian thing to do. :)


    I seem to remember some comments in the wake of the Egyptian uprising that the US government was helping citizens get out...but they had to pay for their tickets. Not sure if it's true or not, though. As long as citizens are paying taxes, regardless of where in the world they are, I believe their governments have a responsibility to them...



    You are correct, Americans being rescued overseas have to sign an "I owe you" to be allowed into the chartted Airplanes and have to pay for their tickets later.


    Granted there are educated immigrants that come to Canada, but it is becoming harder for immigrants of European descent to immigrate to Canada. Also the education system of many third world countries(where the majority of our immigration comes from)is questionable to say the least.
    Canada doesn't pay a dime for their education in their home country, but Canadian taxpayers foot the bill for these newcomers, more than any other country I ever immigrated to. I too would like the $10,000 they hand out here in Canada to newcomers.
    I just have an issue with people coming here to take advantage of our Canadianess, go back to their home countries, don't contribute in any way, and then have hissy fits when the Canadian government is not there sending them back to Canada on a first class plane ticket when the proverbial $%^& hits the fan.
    One Tamil refugee came to Canada and when it was his time for his refugee court hearing, it was discovered that he went back to Sri LAnka FOR A HOLIDAY!!!!!

    vibram five fingers

    I love CANADA very much, but pay up, it is time to pay back for what you already got.

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