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    March 10, 2011


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    mallory elise

    insurance only covers the hospital stay? not the pregnancy? what do you have, unimed?


    in case anyone is interested... I used a midwife here in Rio. She was wonderful and speaks fluent English. She specialises in home birth, but she came with us to the hospital (as i did not want a home birth)
    Her name is Heloisa Lessa and her number is 88632815 or 22322445.


    I am also an expat who gave birth in Brazil last year. I paid the same fees as DRL but my local insurance also covered the ultrasounds, blood work and approximately 30% of my OB/GYN fees. It was a great experience, though as he is my first I have nothing to compare it to. I am curious how much having a baby in the states compares.


    I have Bradesco and they covered everything. Well, I paid for the anesthesiologist and they paid me back. Bradesco is via work only but you can find plenty of great health insurance companies but it is expensive.


    It's still crazy for me, being a European living in Brazil (Rio), and seeing these prices. A pregnancy in Belgium would cost you somewhere around 250$ as all the rest is paid back by the government. We don't need expensive medical insurances, nor pay for schools, hardly have to pay for university,... Brazil is a nice country to live without children, but I would never raise them over here.

    I have the Bradesco insurance in Brazil to, damn expensive but covers most of it.

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