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    February 17, 2011


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    Account Deleted

    Oh no! I have been so worried about this happening. I am glad you got your car back but man, what a hassle.

    Parking is a big problem here! We have been very cautious when parking our car these past months (and our car has been keyed not once, but three times now). I usually buy two of those bilhettes just to ensure that if I pass the 2 hours, I am covered. But even so, sometimes the parking person will say you're ok, even if you're parked halfway beyond the sign that says end of parking..and I've seen them tow cars away. It's my husband's biggest nightmare. So for that reason, and also because trying to find a parking spot on the street is becomming impossible these days, we either walk, or we take the little bus that cruises up to Alto Leblon, R$45 per month, kids free...and in this heat, it's not easy to convince your sweaty 5 year old that it's actually a good thing to walk.

    Sorry to hear about your bike too! But I love your attitude, wow you've come a long way!


    Now that's the bureaucratic Rio we know and love!


    Sorry about your bike!!

    I was a bit surprised about your car being towed. In Rio, it always seems like cars are parked everywhere and anywhere! :-)

    Garry Brei

    At least, you take things in a positive way and you admit responsibility for that part. A car that got scratched from towing is quite the nuisance. But, as they say, we usually learn from mistakes and bad experiences. I'm sorry too, about the bike.

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    The people were very nice and allowed us access to the vehicle to collect our belongings, which was much appreciated.

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    It's very relieve that you take this thing positively. May it not happen again to any of us :)

    Anita Otila

    This issue is really common in transportation,however the bike one is really not good.Security and safety in road is really need of all the people.In Finland country security and safety is one of priority of all the people not only in transportation but also in some important data and other stuff which most of them use fireproof cabinet to be more safety in case of emergency things.

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