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    February 25, 2011


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    I saw these today to and picked them up...and quickly put them back down after I saw the price! They look delicious but not worth that kind of money :).

    Ray Adkins

    Why in the world would these people import dry hollow California straberries when Brazilian strawberries are way sweeter, juicier and 10 times better!
    I see lot's of trucks selling strawberries all around Sao Paulo for R$3,00 for two boxes the same size as the one in your picture.
    They are R$5,00 for two boxes when they are not in season.
    There might be somebody buying these air flown strawberries for 20 dollars a box for status...they probably tell all their friends about it...ridiculous...
    I will take locally grown strawberries anyday :)

    South America ME

    Wow, that's pretty expensive. I wonder how many people DID just put them in the basket without looking at the price.
    Rob W.

    Account Deleted

    That is crazy, it makes the blueberries here look affordable! That's more than I shell out for the delicious but extremely expensive greek-style feta, which is a splurge. I just don't see anyone buying these for that price.

    Got a good "I've been there..." chuckle about the eggs, and the wine too! Also anything that is baked and wrapped in plastic is just begging to be poked by little kid fingers.

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    Strawberry is one of my favorite food. I like to eat it's cake. I ate strawberry cake once time when I go to my friend's birthday party.

    Strawberry Mint

    All those fresh strawberry looks so yummy and delicious,I really feel like having this coz i just go mad for sweet strawberry.. I think cake will be very tasty to have...

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    I'm wondering if anyone saved Strawberry Shortcake before this mess started. because Strawberry is one of my favorite food. And Its really costly. Thanks for the pictures.

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