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    February 06, 2011


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    Bruno Arruda

    Hey, just googled a quote from How I met your mother and found your blog... haven't been able to stop reading it ever since, it's surprisingly interesting and funny to read about what foreigners have to say of your own culture (I'm brazilian, by the way). I did get a bit insecure about travelling though, I wasn't really aware behaviour out there could be so different from what I'm used to. (never been out of the country). I mean, the only experience I have with different cultures is television, and it's hard to tell what you can or can't trust when watching a show (like, why the hell would canadians be afraid of the dark?) Anyway, you're a good writer, you should keep it up, I had a lot of fun... When you mention some brazillian attitude with surprise I'm always like "what the hell? Isn't it supposed to be usual?!". Quite funny. Glad I found your blog. Ilha Grande is great, by the way, you're gonna love it.


    How funny! Is there a Starbucks in Rio? I'm Brazilian and it's been 20 years living out of it. Thinking about to comeback and found you blog. When I left I was 20 years old and boy, from your pictures it changed a lot! Great job!


    I've been seeing them too! It's crazy! I was just telling my Mother about how I couldn't find anything when I first got here 5 years ago and now I am actually pleased with how much I can find. It's only really been the last year/6 months but still...

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