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    January 18, 2011


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    OK ..........I just got finished talking to my husband about this exact same thing. It is 90% useless information and people wanting attention! Also, some people expose everything, so there is no private-life. Oh well, it is there choice, and I do read it! ;-)


    I agree that some FB statuses are more interesting than others, just like what people say at the dinner table. So nothing earth-shattering there.
    And some of your objections about them extend to everything about social networks, like the fact that they project 'an image that is nowhere close to reality'.
    Oh, and if reading facebook statuses is sometimes a waste of time, what about reading about what some blogger has to say about other people's facebook statuses?

    Daily Rio Life

    Touche! I like to think that anything that makes me laugh is worth my time though. And G definitely made me laugh. The minivan folks kind of reminded me of the people back home who claim that they are "the type of people who would do an expat assignment" and proceed to tell me exactly how they'd live their lives in Brazil (meanwhile not having a clue).

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