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    January 27, 2011


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    Account Deleted

    So funny reading this as today my son and I both will take passport photos as we have an appointment at the Consulate tomorrow to renew our passports. I have done photos at the place across from SdG but, there are several places in Leblon too, there's a photo place on General Urquiza (near the Lojas Americanas)also the Papelaria on the corner of Venancio Flores and Humberto de Campos, both do them.

    Unreal that price for the babywipes!


    Hey there! At least you can find decent baby wipes now in Rio!!

    . When my kids were little, I resorted to a Martha Stewart invention that worked incredibly well...

    I transformed the maids and babas in the neighbourhood with this great idea and they thank me to this day. It costs pennies a roll!

    Passport photos were taken in Leblon just east of the Praca General Urquiza on Ataulfo de Paiva across from Julio Borgorcin real estate in a shopping gallery.

    When are you back north again?


    I recently discovered the Johnson & Johnson baby wipes that are unscented. Yellow package. Not surprisingly they are often sold out or only a few are left on the shelves whenever I look for them. Can be found in most pharmacies in Leblon/Ipanema. I stock up once a month at the Carrefour in Barra. Of course they are the usual ~R$8 per pack, though. :-(


    Oh and btw I am intrigued by the DIY baby wipes mentioned above and may just give them a try! Now if I could only find respectable paper towels in Rio that don't disintegrate (or nearly so) upon contact!

    Daily Rio Life

    Airlegs & Canarioca - all of the other places in the Leblon area that you're mentioning (I've been to them all!) now insist they won't do the passport photos for Canadians! We Canadians have apparently (finally) really pissed somebody off! I have a theory: probably because people ended up coming back with rejected photos. Passport Canada is terribly picky. The Canadoca's original photos were rejected and the set that was finally accepted had actually been photoshopped because there was no possible other way that her head would fit the proportions it had to have no matter how the photo was sized. True story.

    Jean - I actually ended up buying a pack of the yellow ones too for on the go. Forgot to mention it in the post. GTK they are normally R$8 as I paid R$13 at the other place, so I guess those other wipes weren't the only thing majorly overpriced!

    Account Deleted

    It's really interesting the passport requirements from country to country. I had our photos done today and twice verified that they were 5cmx5cm, (2"x2")and when I got back home, my husband said "those aren't passport-sized photos!" but he was speaking of what Brasil requires. Another thought (regarding my last passport experience with the Brasilian side renewing my son's Brasilian passport) I showed up at the PF in SL and after all of the coifing and prep for the passport photo I had taken for him, they took a separate digital photo there that was used as the actual passport photo, and kept the physical photo I provided just for "the file" (and it was so much better!). One encouraging thing for me, is that I expect to show up at the Consulate tomorrow with all of my i's dotted and t's crossed, with documents in hand, father and mother present, and I almost expect there to be a problem, and it won't even ruffle my feathers all that much. Expect the worst and it can only get better from there, right?


    wow, that's by far the worst price inflation I've seen so far. But then again Mustela is pretty high end stuff. We were given a little Mustela Hydra Stick as a gift for our 1st born, and we called it Baby Deoderant (cuz it looks like a little stick of deoderant). But man-oh-man, the smell was SOO was worth the US$12


    I shipped all of my Mustela baby stuff, including the face wipes... except for his baby wash which I forgot at my in-laws on the way to Brazil :( As for baby wipes, I guess my kid's pretty clean, I've made due with the semi-transparent 2 reais wipes that I found. I just pull 2 out at a time if he's "messy" and it's still cheaper than the 8 reais I would pay if I bought the Johnson & Johnson wipes... maybe I just don't love my kids tooshie enough :)

    Daily Rio Life

    You know, sometimes I feel silly posting about things like baby wipes. But when a post about baby wipes generates this many comments, I no longer do. Obrigada, a gente!

    Katya Ribeiro

    Hello! How nice to stumble upon your blog! I am actually an expat Brazilian living in London. My baby twin girls were born in the UK and just like you I had planned to blog my experiences while living abroad ( actually we call the USA home these days). I finally signed up for a blog and hopefully soon I will start logging my experiences with my twin girls. It seems like you are enjoying your time over there and I hope it stays that way! My girls, after spending 2 months in Brazil, are having a hard time adapting to British baby food. That of course made me suck it up and cook. I do have a nanny here, but only one. The other "baba " it's me the "mama". Well, I know this has nothing to do with baby wipes, ou lencinhos humedecidos, but I just wanted to say hi.

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