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    January 08, 2011


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    And the extension of the separation of classes in Rio continues. Not a negative comment but an observation. I wouldn't go into the NK store because I know I'd think everything is too expensive. Why create conflict between my cheap self and the self that inspires to be fashionable, one day.

    Anyway, I bet more than half the population of Rio doesn't even know the brands nor make enough in a month to buy a belt there.

    Ah well, it is what it is.


    OH MY GOODNESS! How have I missed the new Saraiva??? That's so exciting. And dangerous for our ever-shrinking bookshelves!


    As for the NK store, we could also observe that such expensive places are at least good for the Brazilian economy. While a lot of wealthy Brazilians and expats may still do their Alaïa shopping on trips back to NY and Houston, I doubt anyone would make this kind of investment if they didn't think there was a market. So the reais are being spent in Brazil instead of the US. And for those of us who shop resale, it means better deals at the consignment shops 6 months down the road!

    Account Deleted

    Happy that Juicy will be opening a store here but scared of the prices, the mark-up will probably preclude purchases! On this shopping note, I finally found a store in Ipanema that has some decent and basic summer dresses that are a bargain compared to the norm here. I've walked by this store countless times but finally went in the other day and was shocked at the prices. Granted, there is some tackiness to be found, but I also found 5 basic summer dresses and paid less than R$200. Mercatto, I'll be back to buy more in a couple of months when my washing machine and iron have killed them.


    CT Boucherie is nice! Trust me on going there someday :)

    It's slso owned by what surely is the best chef in Rio: Claude Troisgros. I however keep going back to Olympe :)

    with regards to 'expensive' shops popping up in Rio. I don't see the problem with it? I'll always fly back to Europe to by my clothes BUT there are many Brazilians now able to buy higher prices good as there were ever before. I don't see any reason why they shouldn't, just because a big part of the population is still poor? At least they consume which is good for the economy, and hopefully reflects in positive notes to the 'poor' communities.

    Daily Rio Life

    Rachel - I get what you are saying. I think Giovanni has a good point too - any economic stimulation or success creates jobs, benefiting all classes.

    Jenna - any tips on these consignment stores? A friend of mine swore by one in this area but it closed down!

    Airlegs - I have a cute one from there too!


    There's a somewhat decent consignment store in CittaAmerica--you never know what you'll find but I've had good luck with shoes (R$199 Arezzo flats for R$30, tags still on them, Mr. Cat heels too) and the occasional top for R$20-60. It's called Fashion something-or-other, on the back corridor, to the left from the BodyTech gym. My good one, though, is in Ipanema. And I totally share the address, but not on the internet, because I'm afraid of it getting too popular!!! Email me and I'll share :)


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    Phyllis Barmey

    Aw shopping, my favorite pasttime. The baby crib was cute for a new store opening. I love to shop!


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