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    January 10, 2011


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    David Morley

    It's basically a state owned utility isn't it?
    If this is the case,a look at the open veins of latin america's history would explain why Brazil,like much of south america protects itself and it's state owned utilities today from the worst historical exploiters of it's natural resources,and those who have given back the least in return.... capitalist driven industrialists.

    Jorge Suarez

    let's not forget how government corruption has held the "Country of the Future" back for so many decades. It is not so simple to blame the capitalists....

    David Morley

    But the government is simply the portion of capitalism that is in the public system... and government corruption is the people in that public system making deals for the people who own and control the reins of capitalism....their friends.
    I guess I consider them one in the same.
    It's actually foreign resource extraction capitalists and their friends in various governments in the global south who are responsible for the billions and billions of capital that has flowed north for countless decades.
    My hope is that the bleeding has finally stopped.


    PEtrobras wants to open its own drilling service company? Good luck with that!! We all know that the 'know how' for drilling in remote areas as well as off shore comes from the 'foreign resource extraction capitalists'...
    UNtil Brazil and Petrobras wake up and realize that they do need foreign investment and services, the 15 billion barrels of oil will only stay under the earth...
    Technology and know how comes at a price and they are just not willing to pay for it.

    David Morley

    It's not black and white though.It's not that foreign investment is bad.
    So long as it is all done as a partnership between state controlled interests and profit driven enterprises who have the historical advantage I say go for it.
    History teaches us though,if we can dare to look,that resource extraction and the profits derived from it have been flowing into only a few hands for many years.Those same profit driven foreign interests and their favored local government officials in what ever country you want to speak of,are today having a tough time dealing with the fact that they can't just kill or face the movement of the indigenous people living there and count their profits anymore.


    Oh, commies... why won't you learn?

    David Morley

    Oh capitalists and TV watchers,why wont you stop believing your own misinformation?


    Oh, sure, and the Holodomor never happened, right? North Korea is a democratic republic and Cuba's great! Not to mention those horrible, terrible, HELLISH countries that offer great healthcare and education in a capitalist system. Don't ever go there. You'll be shocked. SHOCKED, I said!

    David Morley

    You guys always drag out the same worn out carcass to use as an example of socialist failure and create a scarecrow to criticize. What about socialist countries like Sweden,Norway Belgium Denmark Costa know,the countries with the happiest people in the world...?
    And those "capitalist" systems such as in health care are ALWAYS propped up by billions of public dollars so that they appear to be making a profit...look it up.
    The drugs are paid for by government research grants and are then developed in publicly funded universities.When they have developed something that can make money,the drug company sells it to the public a second time in our health care system. That is their so called "profit"....look it up.


    You're crazy. No, really. Sweden is socialist? And Belgium? All right, make a fool out of yourself. I'm sure those countries don't support private companies. In fact, I'm willing to bet there are no market-oriented companies at all there! And Costa Rica, ah, Costa Rica. Inflation, trade deficit, unemployment. Lovely. Oh, and why don't YOU look into the imminent social security crisis in northern Europe? You can only make the young carry the load of the elderly for so long.

    David Morley

    You are confusing communism with socialism.
    Please educate yourself.

    abercrombie ropa

    Hey there! ¿Sabe usted si hacen ningún plugin para proteger contra hackers? No es blanco y negro though.It 's no es que la inversión extranjera es mala.
    Mientras todo se hace como una asociación entre los intereses estatales controladas y las ganancias impulsadas por las empresas que tienen la ventaja histórica que digo ir por ella.

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