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    December 20, 2010


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    Adam Gonnerman

    There's a place in Kearny, NJ where you can find desserts like these, and more. I believe it's run by a Portuguese family. Come to think of it, maybe I should swing by there one of these days....


    Actually these cakes look bad but even taste worse... I can't believe how hard it was to find a good bakery in Rio after moving from France to here. I found 2 by now but keep making desserts myself :)

    In the other hand, noting nicer then searching for a good bakery at 07AM with the sun in your face :)

    Account Deleted

    I agree with Giovanni, I am not a fan of cakes or sweets here in general. Even though they can look so good, there's just something missing. Maybe they're too sugary sweet but not "rich" enough tasting...dunno. But, the plus side is that I've almost eliminated this food group from my diet. Must admit that when I was pregnant I did enjoy pain au chocolats from Cafeina on several occaisions. Those were very good.


    Ok, that is a good way to make me homesick for Brazil! DRL, going back home for the holidays or staying in the tropics?

    Daily Rio Life

    Note that I said picturesque! Not necessarily delicious! But it is true that we do eat with our eyes first...

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