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    December 07, 2010


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    Dear Madam,
    I used to appreciate your site for its original content and objectivity. But lately it seems that most of what you post involves promotion of a product or service which I imagine you receive commission for. I realize you need to get paid but just so you know, there is a noticeable difference in quality/objectivity of the content.



    I have no idea if you get paid a commission or not, and frankly I don't care. Your posts are worth a ton to me. Please keep them coming!

    Daily Rio Life

    Tom - not that it is ANY of anyone's business, but to date I have not received a single dollar in any commission or advertising revenue for my site. So keep that vivid imagination going!!! Yes I have added some advertising in specific areas of my site but have yet to receive any revenue for it. The content of my posts remains just things that I think will help people out, in other words, objective. If some of these are products and services I spot around town, so be it. If my blog is not as creative as it used to be, well, call it almost 3 years in Brazil, or running after a toddler all day! Sheer laziness even, but please don't attack my credibility or make such assumptions about me. Sorry you think the quality has declined. I guess three years of doing a blog solely out of the goodness of my heart (with no revenue) for unappreciative readers who complain like you wears on a person after awhile. Geesh!

    David - Thanks. It's positive readers like you that have been the sole "commission" I've been running on to date and keep the blog going.

    Daily Rio Life

    PS I stated quite clearly in the post that I bought my copy of the book at Livraria da Travessa. I do not appreciate the insinuation that I would lie about this.


    DRL please know that your blog is a godsend and so very helpful to newcomers to Rio (or for those planning to move here). Your blog is the first Rio blog I check every day, and I'm so grateful that you have taken the time and energy to write for others. That's incredible dedication out of the goodness of your heart and for people you don't even know.

    While we were preparing to move to Rio, I read your blog faithfully and was so very grateful for the many tips your blog offers.

    I enjoy reading your blog and hope that it will continue. I may not comment every day, but trust me I do read your blog daily! Please know that your hard work and dedication (for complete strangers) is deeply appreciated!


    THe illustrator of that book is a good friend of mine Felipe JArdim. I can recognize his drawings fron 100 miles away!!
    Its so good to be back in Rio !!

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