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    November 10, 2010


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    Hey--have you found REAL cheddar cheese anywhere? Or monterey jack or anything resembling cheddar besides this week velveeta-ish requeijao or polenghini which we both know is NOT cheddar cheese or anything even close? THANKS for the sour cream tip. I am grouping that with the turkey to justify the trip to zona sul from recreio to my husband and was hoping you had this final hidden gem up your sleeve ?!?!?! (actually french fried onions and cranberry sauce too but I know that's just crazy talk now)

    Daily Rio Life

    Tricia you can find cheddar at Zona Sul, the one on Bartholomeu Mitre always has it. Cranberry sauce can be sourced but it is EXPENSIVE, at import stores. The one in the Gavea Trade Centre has it for sure. French friend onions I don't know about - not sure I've ever even had them! I am throwing around dates for the next book exchange, when are you coming this way?


    I saw cranberry sauce at Pao de Acucar just this week. But yes, it is expensive.


    I love to cover our stroller seats with cute congas (spelling?). They are so light and I just throw them into the wash at the end of the day. It's like a final cover that's fresh and easy, plus can double as a little blanket if it gets too breezy at the end of the day.


    All this time, as an Ohio girl I thought Canadians were really "exactly the same" minus the free healthcare and 2 years more of legal drinking. Could it BE?! You guys don't do green bean casserole as a staple Thanksgiving dish?! This will change your life =)

    I am in Rio so just let me know when on the book exchange! tricialynnchaves at gmail


    PS Thanks for the cheddar and cberry sauce tips.
    You zona sul girls rock.

    Account Deleted

    Update on the sour cream...I did go there yesterday and it's "feito na hora" so I waited maybe 10 minutes and paid R$5. But, unfortunately, it wasn't very good, way too much lime, didn't really taste like sour cream. = ( Someday we're gonna find it,or successfully make it.


    Airlegs--is "there" Delly Gil in Leblon where you got the sour cream?

    BTW gente---I found my cheddar cheese at R$17 a brick but the reasonable cost of brie and gorgonzola evens things out.


    We were at Carrefour in Barra today and bought the exact box of beans in the photo! Aren't they great? I'm hoping to learn how to make them myself just as soon as we get out of this darn hotel (with very limited kitchenette).

    Speaking of which, we got an apt! Took "only" 6 weeks ;-)

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