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    November 23, 2010


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    I say go for it! Obviously, some feathers need to be ruffled!


    I say go for it too....if you want any feedback for your second survey, I've been here over a year now and will probably have some input this time around...just shoot m an email when it's time tricialynnchaves at gmail.


    I will be moving to Brazil with my husband and daughters in a few months.
    I've been reading your Daily Life in Rio since I found it and I admit it has helped me a lot.
    I think this new survey will be very useful.
    I will follow you!!

    Daily Rio Life

    Ok great - so what about content? What do inquiring minds want to know about the expats of Rio de Janeiro?


    What about asking where people call home? Is it Brazil or their home country.

    What worked best for you to learn Portuguese? Rosetta/ Personal Classes??

    I know that your blog is about Rio de Janerio the city but so many people read it all over Brazil- Maybe doing a simple question like "Where do you live in Brazil?" I know that I have to visit Rio about twice a month but I don't live there... maybe even a comparison of best cities for expats??

    Just ideas :) I am curious to participate and read!!


    Account Deleted

    Here's one thing that I always have my doubts about...tipping. Say you go to the salon, you have two different people doing your mani/pedi, you have a colorist, and the colorist's assistant, you have the one who cuts your hair, the one who does the conditioning treatment and escova...damn...HOW MANY people can possibly be involved in one appointment, and how much should you be tipping?


    as mentioned before, this blog has the most useful place we found on the internet for tips on moving to Rio, the survey was really good and i hope you can do it again.
    the "what to bring", "shopping" and "neighbourhoods" sections were really useful.


    Please do your survey! Just found out that we'll be moving to Rio this coming summer. Lots of questions, of course. Hopefully we'll find some answers. Thank you!


    Please do the survey!

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