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    November 17, 2010


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    So to renew the Brazilian passport, is it just an appointment and wait for the new passport or do you have to submit more documents? Or will you find this out when you go for your appointment?! Good luck.


    My husband (Brazilian) was having a hard time getting an appointment to renew his passport earlier this year, in Sao Paulo, and he finally worked it out by just showing up to the PF in person. Apparently there are a certain number of "drop-in" slots allowed each day, but this isn't really made known. I guess the idea is to keep some slots for people who have a true emergency, but your odds of being able to slip in are pretty good.


    The federal police told me I could travel home with my boys' American passports and their Brazilian birth certificate. I confirmed it bother going out and coming back in. I travel the 8th, I'll let you know if it works!

    Daily Rio Life

    Kathy - It was just an appointment to submit documents. My husband, the Canadoca and I had to be present (otherwise you need some sort of notarized document giving parental permission to apply for the passport), we needed Canadoca's old Brazilian passport, her birth certificate, our RNE cards, some passport photos, and a signed application form. Interestingly enough we did not have to surrender her old passport or even give them the photos to keep, they were simply scanned into the system.

    Zoe - Great tip - only thing is it is not as manageable for a toddler!! Though maybe we would slip in early for this reason... hmmm... the Canadoca needs to learn to scream on command...

    Rachel - I did this last year and it worked.


    I went with him to the PF on the same day and it took me longer to make a change of address for my CIE than for him to be done with the whole process. We got there around 8 and he was done in less than 30 minutes, and they took his photos on the spot. His cousin paid a despachante to have it all done for him, but in the end my husband got his passport weeks earlier and for a lot cheaper!

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