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    November 15, 2010


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    Agave at Sendas!? never saw it...this did just make my monday better. I have had agave spill in my suitcase, not fun. thanks for the tip.


    agave is something i "smuggle" in also! but then i become a crazy person and force my family to finish their meals to the last drop/or crumb because it contains precious importado ingredients! tell me it doesn't kill you when there's still (real) maple syrup on the plate! thanks- food tips are always appreciated :)


    And you never said--how was the price?!
    hopefully better than the R$25 maple syrup I found

    I am pretty sure they must sell this at Mundo Verde too.
    Honestly, I've never had agave nectar (it was on a "to buy" list at one point because I read it was less caloric/bad for you than white sugar, so naturally I was interested but then lost interest again after I read an article to the contrary--alas a good ingredient for caipirinha is always a good reason to buy something!)
    Sorry you are feeling lonely....look on the bright side, at least you live close to all those good restaurants :)


    Is Sendas paying you?


    My Grandparents have just returned to Rio after visiting us in London & literally had an entire suitcase filled with Twinings tea & assorted goodies from Harrods Food Hall & Fortnum & Mason. My Mum argued that you could get Twinings in Brazil but my Grandma is adamant you can't ... I can't say I've ever noticed it but I guess I've never been looking.

    Daily Rio Life

    Nora - eek! That must have been a mess.

    D - too funny.

    Tricia - I didn't look, sorry! Didn't buy it either, because I have two bottles I've been saving since the last trip. Thanks for the well wishes.

    Len - Change your mind already about me deserving ad revenue? I assure you that the ads run in the columns and the content remains the same as always. If I were to lose advertisers because of my content, well, I'm okay with that. In other words, no, there surely isn't any revenue coming in from Sendas. You must be new to the blog because if you were to read everything I've written about that place you'd quickly see I'm much more likely to be banned from the store than handed a check anytime soon. Let me be clear on this: I am not selling out two and a half years of hard work on this blog that was up until now solely out of the goodness of my heart with the intention of helping others make a smooth transition to Rio for a few dollars of ad revenue. Yes, I am experimenting with some advertising in designated areas of the site, my first goal is for the blog to self-sustain, as to date I've paid all the associated hosting costs. If adding a few ads upsets you or any of my readers, I apologize. If you want to ensure I "keep it real" well, you can always put me on your payroll? ;)

    Allegra - Twinnings tea is available in Rio but is quite pricey. Celeiro has it for sure and I think I've spotted it in other places as well.

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