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    October 28, 2010


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    You may, BIG MAY, be able to travel with the US/Canadian passport and Brazilian birth certificate. I'm going to double check this... well, I thought I was on my trip to Argentina but I don't know if I'm going anymore. We can't get an appointment for our kids' passports and we leave Dec 8! I think we may be one of the ones who stand in line from 5am on, until we are seen. Of course, we have to bring the kids since it's their passport... that's going to be fun ;)

    Tiago Chaves

    Interesting blog, funny too... I'm from Rio de Janeiro, lived in Boston for 12 years and recently moved back with my family. It's funny to see your reactions, with good sense of humor, to what we are used to in Rio the same way we reacted to cultural diferences when we arrived at US...


    Just to clarify point #2, are you referring to renewing a Brazilian passport, or any passport for any country? Thx

    Daily Rio Life

    Rachel - I traveled with the Canadoca on just her Canadian passport last summer, to Canada & the states. It was fine, but some sort of rule had just changed. Last time I went to Canada the same woman at Continental who had given me the third degree about traveling WITHOUT a Brazilian passport gave me the third degree about why Canadoca HAD a Brazilian passport...and said she doesn't need one... seriously wtf? Oh the difference a year makes. We're traveling at Christmastime too so it better work...

    Tiago - Thank you!

    Jean - yes I am referring to a Brazilian passport.

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