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    October 12, 2010


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    One of the reasons I admire Thatcher is because she was clever, curious and well-informed. I think you need to get over your class analysis of this situation. I also think the idea of a conservative who has no time for the concept of the 'better' is a contradiction of terms.


    Very nice photos!

    I can understand those high heeled Brazilian women though.

    Having been to 5 continents and nearly 50 countries in the world, I can safely say that in general (but ***of course*** there are exceptions), Latin American, Asian and European women, dress more femininely and stylishly than their North American counterparts, who in general tend to put more importance on practicality, sacrifice their feminine looks, and hence appear more casual.

    I`ve got friends in Europe who just never understand why their North American female friends (i.e.: Americans and Canadians) would wake up, still wearing their pyjama or at least sweatpants, and go shop at the supermarket, or go to their university, or even church.

    In Europe that is a big no-no, and people frown upon that, because the females there dress themselves more appropriately, and yes, you guessed it...that includes putting on high heels as well, anywhere, anytime :). Heck, they even walk on cobblestones (very common in Europe) while wearing high heels...without falling!


    I agree 100% with LatinLover. I'm a Brazilian Canadian girl and I can tell you that everything he said about Brazilian women are totally correct. We enjoy being feminine, as that's part of being a woman. Everyone here believes that being feminine is not something to be criticised, but to be cherished. Don't get me wrong, I do love Canada, but what LatinLover's friends witnessed about North American women, I also have witnessed myself personally. I haven't visited as many countries as he did, but it's just too easy to tell that North American women are less feminine than women in the rest of the world.

    Daily Rio Life

    You know, I do think that it is kind of sad that no one gets dressed up to fly anymore. I was at a friend's house today and she had a beautiful portrait of some relatives going on their honeymoon circa 1960s or so in beautiful outfits, climbing aboard a LAN flight (had no idea LAN had been around for so long!). The woman had a matching hat and everything.

    I think femininity is important, and it's funny how much how I dress has changed since moving here. You still will find me about town in yoga clothes frequently, but I certainly wear a lot more colour, dresses, and prints.

    But, come on, spike heels at the airport in most cases just look silly. Maybe not so much for short-haul flights as the overnighters.

    It is nice not to see so many sweatpants though ;)


    I'm definitely not included in this, but I do know of at least a handful of women (two of whom are Canadian) who wear heels so often that wearing any kind of flat is actually physically painful. The muscles in their feet just aren't used to it. So, it may not be as ridiculous as it seems :)

    Bruno Arruda

    Hey, just googled a quote from How I met your mother and found your blog... haven't been able to stop reading it ever since, it's surprisingly interesting and funny to read what foreigners have to say about your own culture (I'm brazilian, by the way). I did get a bit insecure about travelling though, I wasn't really aware behaviour out there could be so different from what I'm used to. (never been out of the country). I mean, the only experience I have with different cultures is television, and it's hard to tell what you can trust when watching a show. Anyway, you're a good writer, you should keep it up, I had a lot of fun... I mean, when you mention some brazillian attitude with surprise I'm like "what the hell? Isn't it supposed to be usual?!". Quite funny. Glad I found your blog, and looking forward to new posts,

    Bruno. :)

    Libby Smithson

    that looks like me. I have to have heels on at all times. Never know when you need to impress! I love shoes!

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