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    October 02, 2010


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    Hey DRL: Sorry for the off-topic question, but I was just wondering: roughly speaking, how much monthly income does a family of 4 need, in order to live decently in the "good" areas of Rio, such as Leblon, Barra da Tijuca, etc...? 10 000 reais per month? 20 000? 30 000?



    I hear it's a new thing in the US now. They're calling it the "jack and jill" test. I haven't had it done, so I'm not clear on the details. But I was told it's a blood test to find out the sex of the baby...sounds the same.

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    I did this test here at Sergio Franco in Rio 5 years ago, when I was about 14 weeks along. At that time it was R$320 and for us, well worth it, as we both really wanted to know, and it surely helped with buying and having things sent back from the U.S. in preparation for the new one. 9 months of not knowing would have been torture for me (knowing I could do this simple blood test to know), but that's just my personality. I would do it again for sure!

    Daily Rio Life

    Mario - I think rent alone in Leblon for an apartment for 4 people will run at least R$10,000 per month.

    Utilities are quite expensive here but of course vary greatly depending on your usage.
    Food can be either very cheap or very expensive depending on how many imported items you buy. I am not sure how helpful this is but I would think at least $R20,000 in this area (Leblon). Can't really compare to Barra as is MUCH cheaper (rent)!

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    Luckily it's spring break right now, and I have all day, every day to myself. I like the way time disappears when I'm writing. I like writing, actually, which is just as well.


    Wow! Great idea. I am already two months pregnant. I and my partner usually argued to know about the gender of our baby. He wants baby boy and of course I want baby girl. We are very much excited to know what’s the gender of child. Glad that you have informed us about this sneak-peek. We could now determine the gender of our baby. Although, it costs too much but then it can’t pay the excitements we feel to know.

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    It depends which test you choose, though accuracy has been questioned and it could be up to $300 in cost.

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