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    October 18, 2010


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    Thanks for the post. I've been looking for a place like this. Where is it located? Thanks!

    Account Deleted

    SOUR CREAM? Really? I've been going to Deli Gil for years for stuff like baked beans, cranberries and odds and ends, they are really nice people, always so helpful. Guess where I'll be going tomorrow? Sour cream!!! Other tips: the first fish stall when you enter from the parking lot...good VG/large shrimp and they clean and deshell super-fast. Cantinella is a great place to take away empadãos...the palmito and the shrimp ones are really good and my boys love their meat pasta sauces, lasagnas, etc. There are so many little gems...Torte e Cia is great too for desserts and when you have young kids, Pizza Park with the outdoor plastic chairs under the big trees is very casual and good for a decent pizza and kids are more than welcome to run around and make a mess. Gotta love Cobol.


    Is this the cobal in Botafogo?

    Account Deleted

    It's the one in Leblon, by Clube Flamengo. It's much smaller than Cobol Humaita, but it's got some great little finds. I am still in a daze about the sour cream which I couldn't go to find today because my little one is sick...but I will soon!


    Does the sour cream taste like sour cream?? This is like a gold mine!

    Account Deleted

    I went today but it was closed (as are a lot of the stores there on Monday it seems). Anyhow, will try again, maybe tomorrow. The quest for sour cream continues!

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