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    October 30, 2010


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    I am having a hard time making it through the dubbed version of the film "UP", and my boyfriend's been pressuring me to go see "Tropa da Elite 2" with him, so I'm going to have to improve my Portuguese as well.

    I just watched the Wasteland trailer and it looks like a great film. Do you have any idea if it is going to come out in theaters here in Brazil?

    Rebecca Stokes

    oi, tudo bem? :)

    My name is Rebecca and I'm Australian. I was an exchange student and lived in Sao Paulo in 1997. I have recently stumbled across your blog, and just want to say I have had a great time reading it, as it has brought back so many memories! I can sympathise with the struggle to learn the language, when everyone wants to practice their english on you... I have always been able to write portuguese better than speak it, and speak it better than hear and understand it!
    But, the reason for my comment... Brazilian films... I think City of God is one of the best films I have ever seen.
    And I had an idea, i don't know if it is possible, or if it will help - but have you tried watching the movie in portuguese, with the portuguese subtitles on? It might help you to understand better and improve your listening skills?
    Anyway, I really enjoy your blog - it's the first one I have read and commented on! I love, love, love the window shopping photos! It's so refreshing to see different clothes - the chain stores here that all stock the same!
    Keep up the good work! Tchau, Bec.

    Daily Rio Life

    Nancy - no, sorry I don't know... I refuse to watch the Trope de Elite films until I leave Brazil. You're brave! It's too close for comfort for me, friends of ours have actually met the guy who the movie is about... yikes.

    Rebecca - You're right it is a great idea to watch movies with the subtitles on, we do this all the time and I definitely catch a lot more! I will do another window shopping post soon.

    Rachel Barbosa

    Hi there. I am brazilian but I enjoy reading your posts. I'm always trying to improve my English, so I know how you feel. Usually the sound is not good in brazilian movies and characters use a lot of slangs, so I don't believe that movies can be very helpful. Sound is better on TV and they speak more clearly in novelas and news. Maybe they would be helpful. And practice with people on streets. Don't be shy, if you talk to brazilians they'll answer you. Good luck!

    Daily Rio Life

    Rachel - thanks for your post! Any specific programs you recommend??
    Don't worry I talk to people all the time in the streets - how can you not?

    Rachel Barbosa

    Jornal Nacional (TV Globo) is the best. William Bonner and Fátima Bernardes speak very clearly.


    The movie suprema felicidade at the theatre now is really good. If you look on You Tube you can get the full episodes of Viver a Vida (old novella, recently ended) and Ti Ti Ti (on now), lots of stuff about models and fashion, fun to watch.

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