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    September 21, 2010


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    I´ve always been amazed how the peace sign never became unpopular down here! Well that and the thumbs up. But should we be surprised? People are walking around in hammer pants!


    I'm going to say something that I know will bother you, but I have wanted to comment on this for the longest time.

    I don't like that you take pictures of strangers and post them on your blog when you are careful to maintain your anonymity. Perhaps you do it because of security issues, but there's something vaguely snobby/odd about it.

    I am a longtime subscriber.


    As a reply to the last post- I am the friend who supplied the first picture. And behind that beer can there are about 30 people who are staring and thinking the same thing- "is she nuts?!" - this photo shoot between her and her boyfriend went on for ages (or at least 2 coconuts and 2 beers). And this was an appropriate pose being shown.

    I think if you're gonna take ridiculous photos of yourself posing such as here, or on the beach (see it everyday), then really, it shouldn't be surprising that someone else gets a laugh out of it.

    Maybe a she will be famous, and DRL will be the reason.

    Let's not forget that nearly every fashion magazine has a "what not to wear" or "what were they thinking" section- and the editors certainly don't put pictures of themselves on bad days or their home addresses either.

    ps- watch out for google earth while you're at it.- only because i thought "snobby" was a strong word- and soooo not true.


    I wanted to clarify. It's not this picture in particular, but the pictures of people's children and their nannies, kids at the playground, and more. It makes me uncomfortable, although I do like this blog.

    I do not support those features in fashion editorials. They often fit in this category ( and are very offensive.


    Well, thanks for the laugh, and yes, who hasn't seen young girls posing like that for casual snapshots?

    I somewhat agree with commenter #2 though, it does seem mean to expose someone else like this. Why not simply blur out the face of the girl? This way we get to point and snicker and her anonymity is ensured.


    Mei- I fully understand your stance on the topic. I just felt obligated to defend any reason to think that DRL is purposely intending to hurt anyone. The opposite couldn't be more true.


    I understand, since you know her in real life!

    I had wondered how Mrs. DRL would feel if she found a photo of her daughter (or her) on another person's blog? I'm genuinely curious.

    Daily Rio Life

    It never ceases to amaze me which posts stir up controversy!

    I appreciate all and any genuine feedback, always!

    Lisbeth brings up an excellent point - and going forward, I will block out the faces of strangers in the photos, because I truly do think that a picture is worth a thousand words in many cases and I am trying to give a taste of the "Daily Rio Life" - without the photos you'd just have to take my word for it.

    Before this gets out of hand, let's keep in mind that posting a blurry blackberry-quality photo of someone taken at considerable distance, with no other identifying details, is a lot different than me revealing my identity alongside over two years of fairly personal information. We live in a city that keeps unfortunately reminding us how dangerous it can be, particularly if you are in the oil business. Let's just say we know people who have been "targeted" lately. That's all I care to say about that!

    Sincerely, odd/snobby (+ not at all bothered)


    The girl in the photo looks like a Brazilian actress. Tania Khalil I think..

    Anyway, please continue taking your pictures of Rio and it's people, it's hardly People at WalMart..(now that is something else)

    You are so right to protect your anonymity, especially in Rio as an ex pat with a husband who is in the oil business. They may not be as common as before,but kidnapping is a concern in Brazil. Better safe than sorry.

    :-) Canarioca


    What is the big deal about the way the woman in the picture is posing? I have searched for a reason for all the alarm, but honestly can't find any. I bet she got a great shot although her camera was not high-tech!

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