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    September 28, 2010


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    ahhh, a wonderful morning read with my coffee! you are on a roll!

    ps- i also find the matching mother/ daughter bathing suits ADorable- and why not? it's rio!

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    The problem with me is even greater. I love the Prom type of shoes, and i can't get enough of them. offcourse that when it comes to functionality that's a whole different story. The reason for this exposition is that i found the shoes you've presented to be quite practical, while not compromising on fashion! God bless you and Andrea Puglia! LOL :)

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    So good to get more informed on this and again, thanks!

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    Ok, i think i will save this for thenext time I’ll have to argue with Frank (friend of mine) about it! I wasn’t wrong

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    You are a very smart person!


    Every time I receive my monthly salary I can't help but visit shoe stores at our place. Shoes are really a woman's friend.


    It is good to match shoes and bags. With the same color and sometimes design. And we, women love to have both just a passion of collecting them.

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    Kristopher Gawron

    Of course, I care 'bout shoes! My girl is "plagued" with shoes... well, that may sound a bit exaggerated, but she's definitely into shoes! She would probably love every pair of shoes in those photos!

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