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    September 04, 2010


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    I live in the US, in a border state. The violence in parts of Mexico is horrific, but it's not representative of the country as a whole. The violence in Mexico is mostly along the border, as the fight to control drug trafficking access points rages on. And in Mexico City, as well. I would not say Rio is worse than Juarez, however. I will also point out.. there was a hostage situation in the US in the past week as a guy went crazy and took hostages at the Discovery Channel's building! You just never know.


    I do think Rio can overcome lots of its problems if that's really our politicians' interest. I hope the World Cup and the Olympic Games will be a good incentive. However, I have the impression you have changed and gotten used to life in Rio. I guess you'll miss Rio a lot when you have to return home.

    Account Deleted

    This is a very complicated question and one that is difficult to answer because there is so much to cover.

    I think you've lived here long enough to feel comfortable with your surroundings, and happy to be here (as I am) for the most part! You've aclimated for sure. It's a great thing.

    I think if you asked anyone who lives here the answer would vary from week to week. Some weeks are quite positive, others quite the opposite. When I first arrived here years ago, I thought "Wow, Brasil is an amazing country, with so much potential, such resources and a huge labor pool, etc..." I had such blind hope and enthusiasm. But sadly, the longer I live here, it's harder to think things will change that much, and if they do, mostly it small scale or just temporary. Just reading the newspaper or watching the news is sobering enough to know there's still plenty wrong here. It's scary. Corruption? Terrible violence, lack of adequate education, opportunities and access to decent health care, the list is enormous. I have long been surrounded by disenchanted Brasilians. I still have hope, it would be so wonderful to see peoples lives improve, this city shine (not to mention this entire country) and be as amazing as it could be, but it's not any easy task and I think with the upcoming World Cup and Olympics in Rio, we'll likely see some improvements like the metro going to Barra (I hope) but I think a lot will be just bandaids. There's SO much to deal with, so much to fix, plus you're dealing with a certain legacy of projects started and never completely finished, grand ideas never realized, deadlines never met...beaurocracy at its finest.

    But, I still love my life here, I think it's such a special place. I certainly wish more for this city and her people and I'll take her as is and hope that with so much promise, she proceeds with many wonderful things ahead.


    I discovered your blog yesterday and have been glued to it ever since. My husband has just been offered a position in Rio - we will be relocating from Australia. I have a daughter 4 and a son 2. We would like to put our daughter in internatinal school over there (which I understand is very costly) and wondered if you were able to shed any light - as from what I can tell you do not have school age children at this stage. Is there another expat perhaps you could put me on to? Really just wanting to get a feel for what the best options are...many thanks :)


    Dear DRL,

    we are also moving to Rio in 4 weeks time. My husband discovered your blog and it has been one of the major information sources for us. We have two kids 6 and 1. I saw in one of your post that you gave information on expat associations in Rio.
    I just can't find it again. We are really looking forward to this move. It is basically a dream come true for the two of us. We met as students in a Portuguese class...long time ago.

    Thanks for all that great information about Rio!

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