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    September 23, 2010


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    Overall I was disappointed with the gastronomic scene in Olinda/Recife but the one place that did blow me away was the Oficina do Sabor in Olinda. Make sure you try the jerimum (pumpkin) with coconut shrimp.


    Hey DRL!

    Some recommendations for Recife (I've been to these places and I personally loved the foods, and the places are cozy too =))


    - Papa Capim (many kinds):

    - La Plage (crepes mainly):

    - Tomaselli (pizza):
    Site under maintenance, but according to Recife Guide:

    Address 1: Rua Conselheiro Portela, 536, Espinheiro, 3427-3710 (185 seats).

    Address 2: Rua Frei Leandro, 50, Boa Viagem, 3326-2604 (90 seats).

    Opening hours: Sun - Thu (closed on Mondays): 6pm-0am; Fri - Sat: 6pm-1am.

    And of course, check out Peixe Urbano too to buy coupons, deals, etc:


    - Brennand castle:

    - Recife antigo

    - Boa Viagem

    I'm sure there are more, but everything I've mentioned are what I can remember for now =). Have fun!! Cheers from Toronto!


    Someone already recommended it, but I'm going to say it again :) You have to eat at Oficina do Sabor in Olinda. Don't miss it. Their food is amazing! My favorite is the jerimum with coconut and passion fruit shrimp. To die for!

    Ricardo Freire writes an excelent travel blog, and has tons of tips of places to stay in Recife and Olinda, but it is in Portuguese:

    Here is the Recife section:

    If you have time, I'd recommend driving to Tamandare, and going to Praia dos Carneiros. You can go for a day, but with Canadoca it might be nice to stay one night. It's paradise. I have stayed twice at the last pousada on the beach, Bangalos da Prainha. It's very rustic, but they're super nice, and their breakfast is delicious! If you have more questions, feel free to email me.

    Daily Rio Life

    THANK YOU!!!!!!!

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