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    September 27, 2010


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    That animal is amazing!


    That critter appears to be a Brazilian Agouti, although they are often more reddish
    in color.


    Where exactly is the "Chinese Cultural Center in Tijuca" (Tijuca or Barra da Tijuca?...road?) and was the food worth it? thanks! I'm craving some decent Chinese food.

    Daily Rio Life

    Mei - Agreed! There were quite a few of them running around.

    Kris - This is definitely the right animal, I saw others which were quite reddish. Thank you!

    Kristin - The Chinese Cultural Center or Associação Cultural Chinesa do Rio Janeiro, is in the community of Tijuca. Yes, it is most certainly worth going - the food is great! Rua Gonçalves Crespo, 450 - Associação Cultural Chinesa - Tijuca Tel.: 2293-2653

    Kimberly Bezerra

    My husband (a Carioca) says that little animal is called a 'cutia'- but neither of us can find any matching English name. They are cute though!
    Love your site - thanks

    Account Deleted

    That looks like a giant rat to me!
    I know that term isn't very technical but I call them like I see them. I'm in Bahia. I haven't seen anything like that here...YET


    The animal is called CUTIA.

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