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    August 23, 2010


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    Giovanni Br

    Tourists have to be aware of these practises, especially in the Copacabana/Ipanema area. They sometimes drop some kind of product on your shoes without you even notice it ! They then offer to clean it, pointing to your dirty shoe... Seen this happening 3-4 times to tourists walking in the Brazilian trap ;)


    totally agree with the commentor above. They will somehow sneak some dog crap on your shoe and come by a few minutes later and point that your shoe is dirty and ask to clean it for a lot of money...happened to my friend who lives in Rio....pretty funny actually...


    This exact thing happened to me. The guy offered to clean it and then wanted me to pay $R100.

    The next time I was in Rio, the same guy tried to do the same thing again.


    I say just go with it! Dog poop is the new black ;)

    Daily Rio Life

    I've heard of kids using ketchup and mustard too in this scenario or as a distraction to mug you... nice. But in our 2 yrs in Rio we have not encountered this ourselves.

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