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    August 08, 2010


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    this is really odd, I am mailing to my bf in Sao Paulo from the US, Texas, actually and it gets there in 2-3 weeks!


    You can actually buy some at the post office's online shop. What a cute idea BTW, I'm sure your daughter will get a kick out of having them one day. :-)

    Account Deleted

    Just found your blog through a friend's links...some good info and I'm excited to hear there's an English language bookstore in Gavea. My husband and I are in Leblon and don't have too many English-speaking friends...anytime you'd like to grab a coffee, just drop me a line!


    I've followed your blog for the past 6 months and when we came to visit in March used your recommendations for restaurants, visits and areas to live..
    We arrived on Saturday and sure enough after 3 days my 4 year old daughter caught something... Had my 1st experience with a "english" speaking Dr... Well let's just say that I am still in adaptation and shock mode!!!!
    She goes to the EARJ school and I met a few moms, but I think I;ll need to get out and make an extra effort to actually make friends.
    Next week I am going to the consulats and maybe will get some good info there.
    We are in a temporary housing in Ipanema until we can secure an apartment and that does not seem to be easy...
    Would love to start enjoying my time here in Rio and meet friends. You probably get more offers then you can commit to but let me know if you want to meet on the beach (if the weather cooperates) or coffee really anything will do right now...


    What a lovely idea. I might try and do that for my 2 year old son.

    We are still currently in the states but due to move to Rio in October.

    I also would love to meet up with anyone down there that speaks english and is in need of a coffee and playdate when we get there that is.

    Daily Rio Life

    Dani - careful I might start sending you my mail to send from there!

    Lisbeth - Thank you!

    Jenna - Just linked to your blog now.

    Sandra, Jenna & Karen - I'll be back in mid-September we can set something up. Sandra and Karen, have you been in touch with the INC's playgroup?

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