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    August 14, 2010


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    Miss Footloose

    The Copacabana beach is a show all the way. Exercising near the ocean with all that fresh air and vitamin-D producing sunlight should be good for you.


    I really like the new/improved equipment (they have put them up all the way to Recreio!)
    Definitely Copacabana has a massive place for working out now but I think the gym is still better! Can't beat that view but the equipment is all focused on lifting your own body weight... just depends on what kind of training you want to do I guess!!
    Running by the beach it too!

    Nike Dunks

    Your blog gives people the life is beautiful! Heart as long as optimistic there will be hope!


    this is old news. i don't really think that you even know that you're in brazil. you have made brazil into your own little world, yeah sure this is your blog, but do you have anything exciting to write about!?? you lived in brazil for a while and you still act like a tourist !


    why don't you write more about Canada as well! you said you are leaving brazil soon, so why not write about why and write more about Canada. I'm so sick of hearing about Brazil. You should write about Canada!

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    It is the mark of an educated mind to be able to entertain a thought without accepting it. Do you think so?

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    What a relaxing place!


    Just running and walking in sand is such great exercise. I second the idea of beach workouts over the gym, nothing beats fresh air.

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