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    July 21, 2010


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    Ray Adkins

    I always saw ADs for these types of products on the back of VEJA magazines, usually at the local edition, VEJA RIO, you will certainly find more than one company advertising for window netting for apartments.
    Hope it helps.

    Account Deleted

    Hi! Yes, get this installed, your view won't be as nice but you can relax (a little) knowing there's some protection. We have done this several different times in different apts, I found an add today in the Guia section of Zona's called Rede de Protecao, (saftey net!)...2564-9910, 2573-2649, this company is called Rikin Film (they do the blackout film for windows too). Usually the Thursday Guia section has lots of adds for household needs, fyi!

    Account Deleted

    to clarify...the Guia section inside of the Zona Sul section in the Thursday edition of O Globo! Sorry for confusion, Mommy brain!


    we used Redes de Protecao and were happy with their work. It does block the view a bit, but SOOOOOO worth the peace of mind.

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