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    July 31, 2010


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    Brilliant suggestion! I'll have to look for one. Up to now I've been using Ziplocks every time we travel. Has worked great so far, but the large cosmetic bag sounds like an even better idea!


    I have been traveling a lot back and forth from Houston to Rio and have been experimenting with different options for my family and my toddler. These packing cubes have been my favorite "trick" as of yet.

    I know what you mean about not packing light. My husband and I have lots of discussions over the amount of luggage I "require".

    Daily Rio Life

    The Canadoca and I have really been on the move - stayed in a total of 9 different places so far on this trip and having her things ready to hang in the closet in this little case has been amazing! Highly recommend it.


    9 places!-so far! Holy shmokes! There really should be award metals for mom's. For fun, anyway.
    "Still have my sanity, still have my kid, and still have her socks in perfect order"
    First Place. Travel division.

    NYC vacation apartments

    True, you should think about how heavy the baggage can you handle on a single trip, but still, it is advisable to travel light and doing it smart. When I pack my things for my family visit to New York, I always take a sheet of paper and write the essential things I should pack.

    Harper Cosper

    Great find! That would also work well for any traveler. He could use the zips to pack undies, toiletries, and those little essentials (like socks, hankies, etc). It would be awesome to try this out!

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