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    July 08, 2010


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    I am thinking the same, reminds me of the OJ mayhem. Bruno and his wife were arrested this morning. The weird part is I know people who knew the ex-cop, the owner of the house and involved in the murder plot,where the police made the arrests. My boyfriend's family lives nearby. His mother and sister said the town was swarming with helicopters, media, police. Oddly, a friend of his sister, hung out with the girlfriend once. Talk about several degrees of separation. Very tragic.


    At least he won't be lonely in jail, with all those Flamengista fans in there... Bad joke!

    I thought of OJ too! I feel sorry for that poor baby! Mommy is gone and Daddy will be in jail. And he's a bastard. He makes good money but didn't want to support the child. Or maybe he didn't want the DNA test proving it was his and he had cheated on his wife. Doesn't matter, he has bastard written all over him.

    Account Deleted

    This story makes me so sick, everyday it's some more terrible news. What a lack of respect for human life, what a complete asshole, how stupid could he be not thinking he'd be the prime suspect? Idiot. Sometimes I really get disturbed living here because this scenario of killing for hire (at a rather cheap price) is far too common.

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