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    July 16, 2010


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    Amilcar de Oliveira

    I'm Dr. Amilcar de Oliveira, an Oral Radiologist working in Cabo Frio, RJ. I graduated in FO-UERJ,in 1980. May I suggest my former professor (and head of chair) of fixed prosthodontics in the UERJ school of dentistry, Dr David Felix Balassiano? He will do for general dentistry and esthetics. His office is in Ipanema (2522-7687). For endodontics, there's my colleague Dr. Eliane Brener (Copacabana office, 25218140), also 30 years out of FO-UERJ; she works with Dr. E. A. Radetic, ex head of chair of endodontics at FO-UERJ (he does the surgeries). For orthodontics and perio, there's Dr. Amália Rodrigues Martins, formerly an instructor at the periodonthics post grad course at FO-UERJ, (Leblon office, 2511-4113). Drs. Eliane and Amália have done work in me and my relatives, so I can vouch for their work. All three of them speak English and will fulfill your worth-making-the-trip-to-Brazil condition. Mind that miracle treatments in cosmetic dentistry may just cause trouble in other areas (I'm thinking here of dental facings used to "even out" anterior teeth, which may cause gengival trauma over time if too thick, the proper treatment being orthodontics). I think you will be very happy with these professionals.

    Dr. Amilcar

    Account Deleted

    I am very pleased with my dentist Esther. There are several dentists that speak excellent English and a receptionist who also speaks English at this office. The facility is modern and professional. It's called Multi-Oral, Visconde de Piraja, 433, 6th Floor, 2247-0236. It's in the Unibanco building.

    Lindsey has a pretty big business directory of English speaking services in Rio! I saw an ad for an English speaking dentist the other day!

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