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    July 20, 2010


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    Account Deleted

    Indeed! I'm currently deciding if I will bring 2 or 3 suitcases with us for our next visit as I normally end up buying another one when I'm in the states. Unless you live here, you really can't comprehend just how much more things cost here.


    Good info. And just as I feared! Since I've been warned about the absurd cost of toys in Rio, I've been stocking up like crazy. I'm moving to Rio with the mindset of "bring everything and then some" other than fresh food which we obviously can't bring on the plane. Target and Babies R Us and Amazon are making a pretty penny from me these days! But from everything I've read, it's worth it. Just wondering then...who does/would pay the absurd prices in Rio?

    dining tables

    I and my family is going to visit Miami. I am so lucky that I found your blog before going to Miami. Now I know that I need to bring more suit case.

    Corinne Rodrigues

    an US$80 pac n play is R$500!! I have had to buy some baby items here since I don´t always have the means to get stuff in the US. Most Brazilians are much less gear-oriented and don´t ever use any of this stuff. It is only the very rich that usually buy them (and can afford it). I went out of my way to get a stroller for my sister-in-law and tried to lend my breast pump to another sister-in-law and both were barely used (and the one with the breast pump went back to work full-time after 4 months). But, for us North American moms used to all this stuff, shopping trips Stateside are a godsend!

    Elena B.

    thanks for this post! I don't have kids yet (and don't even live in Brazil....yet), but this is good to know! I'm a nanny right now in the U.S. and probably moving to Brazil sometime in the near future. I knew these type of things there were a lot more expensive, but this really makes it clear! p.s.--love your blog, keep it up :)

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