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    July 25, 2010


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    Account Deleted

    Congratulations! I am so proud of you, and inspired. That is no small thing, you should feel really good! I know what you mean about the hub being away, mine has been gone for only 4 days but returns tomorrow night. Life is so much better when they're here!


    Do I ever know how hard it is to be without hubby. Mine was away for 3 weeks (working in Rio!) and just left again a few hours ago (for another 2 weeks in Rio!) So trust me, I know how LONG and draining the days feel when you're on your own with a little one. In fact, I cracked during his last absence and reluctantly decided to send my little girl to summer school for 10 hours per week! It saved my sanity! ;-)

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    congrats to all of you i hope more goal and archive luck your all day.

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    Even though they are older and more independent now, it just seems to go more smoothly when they are busy somewhere else. give props to my girl Regina King who voices the characterasdfs of both Riley & Huey. I've always tried to watch The Boondocks and picture Regina doing this but could never get my head around it. Now, finally, we get to see her in action. with red floral maktak (does anyone else call it that?

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    That felt really good. So now, I curl up, I eat popcorn, I read, I rest. I write tomorrow.

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    I love love love the color of your office. I must use that somewhere, someday!

    XX Niki

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