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    July 15, 2010


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    We tried PAX on General San Martin in Leblon and it was great! Not too expensive, but excellent quality food. I'm also thinking of the Shrimp restaurant on the block before Paul Redfern in Ipanema...(the name escapes me for the moment) at the corner of Epitacio Pessoa and Ataulfo de Paiva (or Visconde de Piraja. I'm still not sure where the street changes names, maybe in the middle of Jadim d'Alah?

    Daily Rio Life

    I wrote about PAX a couple weeks ago, I liked it too. Funny you mention Paul Redfern - I just mentioned to Mr. DRL last night that I'd like to check out a few places in that area. I think the street name changes once you're over the canal!


    Olympe is good ! I rate it as one of the best of Rio... Nice atmosphere, good selection and use of quality ingredients, which is hard to find in Rio' restaurants.

    Astor has it's location, I like to go there for a drink or a quick lunch. However, it's hardly a culinary experience.

    Satyricon is a classic, with a good selection of seafood dishes.

    Enjoy your list ;)

    Account Deleted

    I really like Astor, it has a lot going for it and the location is amazing. We tried Enosfera for lunch the other day and it was pretty good, can't beat a risoto for R$22. Also recently tried the fish and chips at the Lord Jim Pub, yum! A place that has always been on my list to try is Zuka, it is always packed. Also want to try Le Baroque in Ipanema. And last but not least, Palafita Kitch, never can find it!


    Escola de pao is over-rated...went for mother's day and it was a treat, but a massive rip off for what you get...

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