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    July 24, 2010


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    Funny that you mention this...I just discovered Crave Cupcake in Houston and became an immediate addict! I'm on a mission to try all their flavors before moving to Rio. Good to know Vintage exists so I can continue to indulge my sweet tooth in Rio!


    Those look fantastic!

    Account Deleted

    OMG, those look to die for. Can they really taste as good as they look? Frozen yogurt, now when will a fabulous salad place open up? We really need one here!


    They do look amazing, but I was disappointed when I tried them. Well, I only tried one flavor, but it wasn't that great :/ I have been wanting to try Crave in Houston though. I am a cupcake FIEND!


    Brandy are you in Houston now? Crave is opening up a new shop in Rice Village in addition to the current one in Uptown Park, just fyi. I went to Crave today and as usual was not disappointed ;-) Vintage looks delish, but I think I may scrape off some of the icing ;-)


    No, I'm in Rio... but I'm from Houston and everytime I visit I say "I HAVE to try Crave" But I'm always too busy :-/ Next time ;)

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