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    July 09, 2010


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    I miss the corn popsicles, I've attempted to make some here using the good o' sweet corn.


    Kibon sells a Milho Verde picole (popsicle) and ice cream; and like this tastes like frozen creamed corn; had the avocado 'vitamina' smoothie, very sweet, very strange!

    Account Deleted

    I like this cornsicle, it's from hortifruti right? I love all of their popsicles! The funny thing is if you buy them during summer, good luck getting them home before they melt!


    Mmmmmm, milho verde sweets! I like the ice cream and absolutely love the popcicles! We keep saying we need to try to re-create it here in Iowa, what with the abundance of corn and all! :)

    mallory elise

    i love these corn ice creams you crazy lady! and corn juice too. mmm. the only bad brazilian popsicle i've had so far is jaca....stay away from stinky jaca...especially on a stick :P

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