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    July 27, 2010


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    Good tips! I'm going to be alone with both boys soon for 10 days. I don't mind the weekdays, it's the 2 weekends! I'll keep all your tips in mind. And I have to find a babysitter. Can you believe I don't have one?!


    I hear you DRL! My hubby is currently in Rio (again!) for 2 weeks, so I'm unfortunately getting used to being alone with my toddler for 2 weeks per month. It is terribly exhausting.

    The only upside (so to speak) is that I don't have to worry about dinner and clean up. Just my little one's. So I get more time to myself in the evening.

    I put my girl to bed earlier than normal when hubby is away...again more time for me in the evening.

    Constantly talk about daddy, skype with him, show pictures of him. The little ones love it.

    Definitely voice your preference for a treat at the end of this exhausting adventure...did I hear anyone say jewelry? ;-)

    And yes, it's true...take up any offers on babysitting, etc. Those few moments or hours of freedom are sacred!

    Or do what I did...put the child in school if my case I put my girl in summer school for 10 hours per week. What a world of difference that made!

    Supra Skate

    Could you run that by me again?I've gotta catch the bus

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