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    June 12, 2010


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    So jealous! They don't really care all that much here in Vancouver, although I have seen some people wearing Brazilian jerseys! Please post some pictures of what's going on if at all possible!


    I have the gilette razor and I bought the M&Ms to make M&M cookies for the game. But you'll never guess what I found in one store. Matching sweat headband and wristband in green and yellow, circa 1980s! So cute on my little boy!


    I'm loving the displays of patriotism here in Belo Horizonte. I can only imagine how "big" it must be in Rio right now!!! I'm so excited we'll be here for the first game at least!


    It is not the Rio business community who gets time off. It is the whole country ; )
    My company will work from 8:00 am to 2:30pm on next Tuesday. So people can go watch the game wherever they want ; )

    It is just an unique experience.

    Good Luck


    My husband is in Rio and today he sent me a video from Copacabana beach where people are watching the matches from the giant screen. I am so jealous. Here in the US there is not the same passion that we have down south. WE all become VERY patriotic during the MUNDIAL. Just wait till Tuesday. There will not be any effective white noise or AC to keep the cheering down. ENJOY is a unique experience.


    It's unfortunate that most Americans haven't found the passion that is futebol, but interest is slowly growing. I live in South Florida, where we are well represented with people from all over South America, so it is at least a little livelier here than many places. I will move to Rio in time for the quarter finals, and since I have great confidence that the selecao will advance that far, I can't wait! I know World Cup fever will be just one of many great experiences that await me there.
    Shout out to our American side. Wasn't the prettiest win against England, but we held our own, and that was good to see.


    woooo i was at a brazilian club in london for the game. I usually find football fans extremely offensive but I loved the friendly.


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