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    June 19, 2010


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    That's HILARIOUS


    I should probably not show this to my 2 friends back home who each have twins! They both did it without any sort of domestic help - neither of them even have family within 2 hours of them!

    I hope someone can answer your questions though, now I'm curious!


    From what I've seen, one is assigned to each twin and they don't tend to swap. There were twins at my sons music class and the babas very much stuck with one baby each - and in that case there was definitely one angel baby and one not-so-angelic baby!

    just passing thru.

    just came across this blog and the whole domestic help thing is still something im trying to swallow and then i see a picture like that... thats crazy to me.


    My uncle & his wife have 4 restaurants and they are always on the run. They barely have time to sit down and finish their food they spend time with their kids during the weekends but otherwise they have 2 nannies, one for each child. I don't know this couples reason but their reason sometimes gets to me too. But at the end of the day it does make sense, children need their own individual and team attention. One nanny is not enough because if the children are young, they need more attention and to make sure everyone is getting the same exact attention each child has one nanny! So there ya go!

    essure arizona

    The clock begins to tick for them almost immediately.

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    Led by Boogsie, the three-time panorama champions compete in most of the national steelband competitions throughout the year and are also involved in many shows, entertaining the public of Trinidad and Tobago.

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