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    June 18, 2010


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    Haircut? Really? I live in LA and spend anywhere from $100 to $120 on a bad haircut here. I've lived here 6 years and haven't gone more than twice to the same hairdresser. In Rio, I've had my hairdresser for many years, that charges R$90, and does an excellent job. I got my haircut here in LA in February, then when I went to Rio in March I got it cut again, because it is just so much better...


    I have to agree that life is out of control in Rio. I am just getting ready to fly down there for a wedding in Copacabana and have to say that a nice evening gown costs a fortune in Rio ($2,000, 3,000 BRL or higher). I know. My relatives in Brazil are spending that much with the "costureiras". I can purchase an equivalent dress at Dillards, Macy's or Neiman Marcus for $300 dollars or less. My hair dresser here in the U.S. charges me $65.00 (cut and hilite). In Rio is $250 BRL -- at least. Bring your clothes from the US. It can be much cheaper than in the "boutiques".

    Daily Rio Life

    Ok Camila, give it up girl! This is great news. We want NAMES! :)

    Marci, I know - kids' clothes are even worse (the difference in price)...


    THAT SOUNDS GREAT! I'm so glad that Brazil is getting expensive because now psychos will think twice before spending a ridiculous amount of money to live there.

    You see, my boyfriend's three American guy friends went to Brazil and not for tourism but for sex, drugs and sex. His friends really pissed me off. It is so disgusting when I hear people go to a country for "sex and drugs".

    I enjoy reading your blog because you are a very normal, family orientated women and mother. People like my boyfriend's now "ex-friends" do not deserve to go anywhere but a hole in the ground! They told us stories about all of the messed up and disgusting things they did to girls there, it REALLY upset me. So I hope that that crowd NEVER gets a chance to visit Brazil!

    Daily Rio Life

    For those looking for a good hairdresser in Rio:

    Tatana at HBD Spa
    Rua Barao de Jaguaripe 182
    2513-5293 or 2522-0669

    Tell her DRL sent you!


    Men go to Brazil and other south american countries for the women because they are the most beautiful and caring women in the world, american women put them down because they are jealous and ugly. I would never marry or even think of dating an annoying american women ever again. The funniest thing is seeing white women in South America and how much they stand out because they are so badly dressed and unattractive. I am seeing more and more men come down here and repeating the same thing. So stay home white women you are not wanted south of the border. :)

    brazil is going to collapse

    brazil is a bad deal .... super expensive and low quality of life. poor services ( roads, helth care, education, lack of good professionals, poor real estate, internet, celular services, cable tv and very expensive) bad deal bad deal.
    brazil is overated...

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    Anyone who would strive to save money just to go to a beautiful place like Brazil would be worth it. It still depends on the kind of living one wants to have. Just wanna take a vacation? Go on. Don't have enough money? It's alright to borrow, as long as you know how to return the amount on time. Perhaps the reason why it's sort of expensive to live there is because of the standards of tourists.

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    Actually they have good designs on their money.

    nic jean

    talk about racism!!! not surprising Brazilian women hate other women and are so incredibly spiteful. Funny, I'm white, blue eyes etc. etc. and I was considered one of the prettiest girls in my town when I lived in Brazil (which fortunately I have managed to leave now for precisely these reasons, racism, hatred, jealousy, spite... I could give you a long list. You Brazilian ladies need to get a life and while about it, learn to respect other people (and especially other women, we're not all after your husbands, we've been brought up with some proper principles. Respect for fellow beings? hello! and you all go on about how religious you are. I thank God for the day I managed to escape from such a poisonous country....


    RIO AND MOST OF BRAZIL IS OVERRATED....ITS extremely expensive...with poor services like those you find in any third world country... why would someone who considers himself inteligent visit a expremely expensive country with poor services, poor products, unsafe and durty? ...ive visited 55 countries before brazil and i cal tell you brazil its the worst in terms of quality vs price.

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