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    June 22, 2010


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    I told someone moving here the exact same thing! I thought that it wouldn't be a big deal that our new building doesn't have a playground, we're close to 2 parks, but it makes a huge difference! There's nothing like just being able to go down stairs, especially if there is a covered part for rainy days


    Are these playgrounds just for residents, invited guests of residents or are they open to the general public? Because they look fantastic, and I'm sure my toddler will adore them. Do buildings in Leblon/Ipanema have these playgrounds? Or in other areas where expats might be likely to live?

    Daily Rio Life

    JKD - in this case this particular one is for the residents of a certain building and their guests. However, there are similar public free facilities right on the beach of Ipanema, Leme and Leblon! RIght in the building - just depends on the building. Larger buildings tend to be better equipped. But you will pay for it in condo fees!


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