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    June 11, 2010


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    I had my 30-year (gulp!) reunion in 2009. I attended a huge high school in the States. Honestly, I didn't stay in touch with any of the 900+ people in my graduating class, so the whole reunion idea never interested me. When I got the invitation for the 30-year, I was joking with some friends about it because there had obviously been a mistake--I couldn't possibly be that old already! When I said I had no interest in going, my friends told me I absolutely needed to go. They had all been to some of their reunions, and they said it was a wonderful experience. I took their advice, went to the reunion, and discovered what I had missed. It was fantastic! I saw people I knew in school, met others I never knew, heard great stories and learned of classmates' accomplishments, and overall had one of the best times ever!! I am so sorry to hear that yours didn't work out, but I'm glad you at least got to meet up with some of your former classmates. To all those people out there who don't think reunions are for them, my advice is give them a try. I think you might be pleasantly surprised. I know I sure was!


    We are heading down to Georgia for my 10-year on June 26. I'm really excited about it, but of my graduating class of 43, I think only about 10 or so are going to show up. Really a shame, since the real "characters" I'd love for Hubby to meet are some of the ones not coming. Granted, for at least 1, that's because he's in jail ... should be a fun, interesting night no doubt though! (One of my friends said she saw no reason for reunions because of Facebook, "I already know if you had a kid, got fat, or married an ugly old guy," she told me. hahahaha)

    Daily Rio Life

    Louise that is so good to hear!
    Emily Bahaha ugly old guy comment... sweet. No one ever guesses that when filling out who is the "most likely to..." form pre-graduation.

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