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    May 29, 2010


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    And pleeeeease adopt some cats because the dogs will most definitely be adopted. Brazilians are CRAZY for dogs (on an entirely 'nutha level)... It took us so long to find a place that would let us adopt a cat without paying some ridiculously high 'breed' cat fee! Cats are people too! :)


    Do you know if this is a regular event? I missed this one, but I would like to adopt a pet!

    Account Deleted

    There are many pet stores around here that have kittens on hand, with some immunizations already, ready for adoption, gratis. If you just walk into any pet store and ask if they have pets for adoção, many do, or can possibly direct you to another store. There was a store in Copacabana, at posto 6, in the Sofitel building that had MANY pets for adoption a year or so ago. I also found a lovely kitten at Pet Fantasy in Leblon, sometimes they have "foster parents" who keep pets until they can find new homes so don't be shy to ask about it if you don't see the animals with your eyes. They're in the business of pets! = )

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