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    May 14, 2010


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    I can just the one month I was in Rio I was told that my son was unable to breathe in the Baby Bjorn (he was facing in), that he was going to choke on the tie of his sunhat because it was touching his face, that he was going to overheat because I had him out when it was too hot outside, and that I wasn't supporting his neck well enough (he was sleeping and very comfortable with his neck flopped to the side). On the other hand, we got many more "he's so cute!" comments in Brazil than we do in the US. That sort of made up for all the bad parent comments we got.

    Account Deleted

    Poor you honey! Seriously, enjoy your break, you deserve it and have no doubt, you're an amazing Mom! The end. Things here can be stressful with so many opinions (unwarranted, unsolicited) indeed, but you have to turn a deaf ear sometimes, just like I's a survival instinct and necessary. Find a soundtrack to play in your mind...and use it!


    It is irritating, I know.
    But look at it this way, at least you are out there doing it. Many North Americans that even have passports find it difficult to so much as buy a souvenir without a tour guide 10 feet outside of a resort.
    Bravo to you (us).


    Wow said that you overheard the 2 salesgirls arguing about their commissions; which means your Portuguese is good enough to understand the Brazilian eh?! (I'm so jealous!) You've been in Brazil for what....2 years right?
    So Portuguese is not as hard as people say?

    Also, when you go around in public places and talk to clerks, salespeople, waiters, waitresses, etc, do you do it in Portuguese or English?


    Daily Rio Life

    THanks ladies.
    Frank, after two years my Portuguese is good enough to understand that sort of conversation but not nearly as good as it could or should be if I were to mix more with Brazilians (I wish!) or take more lessons. Currently I have not taken one in over a year.... pathetic!

    There are close to ZERO english speaking waiters and clerks here. Portuguese it is!

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