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    May 31, 2010


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    I'm pretty big on just wanting to eat my food and not go crazy about where it came from... but then I watched "Food, Inc." Kinda changed my impression, however, you weren't getting sick from eating tank-washed chicken... lol. Wow that's really naive of me.
    I think it'll be alright when they re-open... One can only hope!

    Account Deleted

    It's pretty disgusting and I have to admit, I have seen baratas in Rio Lisboa before. The last two times I bought trash bags there (which are under the bread/fruit veg section) I had bugs to contend with, no kidding. It makes you wonder about the sanitary conditions of every single place. I really do have a new respect for places that have an open and clean kitchen.


    There is talk of allowing people to raise chickens in their backyards here in Calgary....


    Ok, I'm not sure if anyone told you, but there's not much else to expect from rotisserie chicken in Rio. Yes it's disgusting. Yes it's freaking delicious. Nothing very different from going slightly overboard on an all-you-can-eat Chinese buffet in terms of how much harm it can do to your stomach's well-being, but it's probably not recommended to incorporate it in your daily life. Let's just say, you definitely shouldn't be making soup out of it.

    Daily Rio Life

    oh my goodness what do they do to those chickens????

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