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    April 06, 2010


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    Gene Whitmer

    Copa D'or is a private hospital; not public.

    Wrenaissance Art

    Nice to hear that Brazil is like Norway when it comes to putting sick children first in line at the ER.


    Yes, Gene makes a pretty important point here. What you get at a public hospital versus what you get at a private hospital where you use private health insurance can be quite different. You could still safely say both options are better than what the US has had, though!

    Daily Rio Life

    Yes I feel really lucky! They have a separate pediatric ER area which is fantastic.


    Don't forget Copa D'or is a private and very expensive hospital. I hope you never have to go to a public hospital in Brazil.


    Public hospitals in Brazil are not perfect, I know. But in case of an accident that's where you are usually taken to and you don't have to pay for it. In the past it used to work well, but unfortunately, because of the amount of people in need of treatment and lack of investiment, we've had lots of problems. But I'd like to emphasize that there are wonderful professionals working at public hospitals. In fact, most of the doctors want to have such a job because it is a lifetime one. Doctors who work at public hospitals must prove they are good because they have to pass a set of examinations. I know some people who don't have a private insurance and have had very good experiences in public hospitals. Here in Germany and in lots of other countries too you don't get anything without a private insurance.


    "Here in Germany and in lots of other countries too you don't get anything without a private insurance."

    Is Germany any different to the rest of Western Europe? I know in the UK you pretty much get everything on the NHS except cosmetic procedures [though occasionally they allow cosmetic procedures] ... My Mom lives in London & has private health insurance but for anything minor she just goes through the NHS & is always pleased with the care she receives ... Often in the U.K the private Dr's/Surgeons/Dentists etc.. also work for the NHS on certain days ... I know a dermatologist who has a private clinic & charges $600 for an appointment then 2 days a week he works for an NHS hospital in West London where patients get it all free.


    It was quite shocking for us when we moved from Brazil to Canada (2 adults + 2 kids)the difference of the health systems. Ok, I admit : Canada has a free health system and the service is pretty fair. Unfortunatelly, we had to use the system a couple of times. :(

    In other hand, in Brazil, when you have a private health insurance, you can see an ER specialist right away of a top-notch hospital or a couple of days at the specialist doctor's office. It only depends of how good is your private insurance.

    Anyways, private Brazilian health care system probably is the only thing that beats Canada. This is MY opinion. People may not agree with that because I am comparing public X private. I am pretty sure that most of the ex-pats can easily afford a fair insurance plan in Brazil.


    Unfortunately, I don't know how things are in the other countries in Europe. What I know is that if a tourist suffers an accident in Brazil he can be taken to an ER of a public hospital, be treated and won't have to pay for that. If someone comes to visit me without a tourist medical insurance and suffers an accident, they will be treated but will be charged for that. Well, in fact they can even be stopped at immigration for not having an insurance. In a nutshell, there are lots of people in Brazil who can't afford a private insurance but get free treatment in those public health centers (Postos de Saúde)even if it's not an "emergency". Do they need patience because they might have to wait long? Yes! Could the system be better? Sure! Anyway, here is a site which might be interesting:

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