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    April 22, 2010


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    Account Deleted

    Wonderful news about the plastic bags...let's hope it's a strong campaign to promote public awareness and reduce the waste.

    Jim Shattuck

    Lucky you that your husband's endless toiling results in your skating above the realities of everyday life.

    Do share more shopping adventures...

    Sorry, but I have tired of your "patricinha" ramblings.

    Good luck to you.

    Daily Rio Life

    Airlegs - wouldn't that be nice!

    Jim - believe it or not shopping related stuff is what I get the most inquiries from new/potential expats about, just trying to help!

    Account Deleted

    Jim, please unload your negativity somewhere else. This blog is so helpful to so many people. Você é chato demais.

    Jim Shattuck

    Truly sorry - I would delete my inappropriate remark if I could. I was in a weird mood.

    Again, sorry.



    That's no excuse Jim. I feel sorry for the classes you teach, as I can only imagine your comments when you "tire" of them or are in a "weird mood".


    I think that the reason your husband is healthier there is called SUN lol

    seriously, I think sun light helps a lot. I think Brazilians are happier than Canadians because of sun light, and happiness = better health... no? lol

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    Looks like such which the senior painter said that had joyfully has sufficed, had joyfully has the life happiness, had joyfully has the life sunlight.

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