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    March 22, 2010


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    Account Deleted

    I think you covered everything. We have a good number of friends who live in Barra/Recreio and whenever we get invited to a party out that way, 90% of the time we don't go, because of the drive and being stuck in traffic in that long, dark tunnel always freaks me out. Even days when we go to Etna to buy one or two things, we have to block out at least 3 hours as you never know about the traffic, and sometimes it is horrific for no apparent reason. And I agree, it's not any safer. The feedback I get from cariocas (who don't live there), is that Barra is ugly, charmless and boring. I think the beaches are lovely though, and whenever I bring visitors there they all enjoy it.

    Jim Shattuck

    Some of you live in another world. Drivers? Fear of traveling through a tunnel?

    Is that reality for you?

    Give me regular life...


    Well, I can honestly say I am now more confused than ever! But thanks for the answers I'll take it all into consideration. :)

    Daily Rio Life

    Airlegs - my visitors love the beaches in Recreio and Prainha as well.

    Jim - For the record I don't have a driver.

    Brandy - Sorry to confuse you more.... if you have specific questions then maybe I or some readers can try to help. It all depends on what is important to you!

    Account Deleted

    Jim, to clarify the reality of the tunnel (Zuzu Angel)... It is very long, I'd say at least a mile, maybe more, it is narrow and extremely dark. I have been stuck in traffic jams there more times than I can count, twice for more than an hour. Above and to both sides of this tunnel exist large favelas and sometimes criminals ambush the tunnel and with guns waving, stealing all from anyone they can, it does happen from time to time and this thought is hard to shake when you're stuck inside that long, dark tunnel, and when you have small children, it weighs even heavier on your mind. I don't know what you consider to be "regular life" but for us living here, that's part of our reality. And don't get the wrong idea, I'd guess that less than 1% of people living here (Brasilians and expats) have a driver,


    I think it's kind of weird to be afraid of going through Zuzu Angel too to be honest. I mean, maybe like 3 AM but yeah...


    Stupid stupid 'expat princess'. Great to be just home and wait for your husband to come home.. well, not for me. :) You have to be very frusturated in your our unimportant life. Get job and do something with you life. You have too much time on your hands. It shows. Think about it, if you some day get divorced? What do you have? Blog and a baby.

    Proudly working in business

    Daily Rio Life

    Up until I had my baby it was illegal for me to work in Brazil, and now that I have her, the legality part has changed, but I want to be at home with her raising her myself. I plan to return to work at some point, but my husband and I had always hoped that we would be in a situation where I could be home with her during these formative years and we are both very grateful that this is possible.

    I make my choices, you make yours.

    But really, I wonder why I am defending my decisions to someone who spends their free time reading the blogs of people they think are stupid...



    What an assuming comment to make to the author of this blog. I think you are entirely out of line and insensitive to judge someone's efforts. DRL has been a source of knowledge and reference for the many expats that have moved or live in Rio. It has given insight and humor to the many experiences one is inevitably going to have when moving to a new country. The unbiased approach taken and the quest to provide accurate information is invaluable. Have you ever heard the saying "try walking a mile in someone's shoes" or is it more a case that what's not written so blatantly is a that you are green with envy.


    Account Deleted

    Unohu, right on! DRL, you are a source of info and entertainment for most of us. Thank you for all of the time and effort you put into your blog. bjs

    Anika Gonzalez

    Thank your for this post. My husband and I are going to be moving "somewhere" in/near Rio and have been spending a lot of time in hotels in each little area to figure out what will work best for our family.


    Hi-Ya DRL! I am currently living in Barra - for 6 months now. I like the location, and the restaurants and the shopping. It is a nice class of people and the beach is pretty......
    However, every time we go to Leblon or Ipanema, I always think I WANT TO LIVE HERE!! I love how everyone walks and seems like the choices are unlimited...


    Yes Zona Sul is so much nicer...I love it and I love to go there when I have the time. We live in Barra, and I miss the town feeling.
    We made this choice mainly because we wanted a "decent" place to live in and the prices in town are to high, but now I wouldn't change it for town.
    We are only here for two years, so I can stand driving and shopping in supermarkets instead of walking and go to the butchers and veggie shops of my hometown.
    The reason we like is the kids. With two elementary school kids Barra is the perfect choice. A lot of open space, we can bike along the beach, the kids take surf lessons, we go to the _clean_ beach after school, there's the nature around the corner, lots of cinemas, enormous medical center 24h open, 10 min from here.
    For me it's just so much easier out here than it was at home.


    Thanks for all the imput. We are currently in Leblon and loving it, but we've chosen a nice place in Barra as our two little girls fell in love with all the amenities :)

    Daily Rio Life

    There's something for everyone, everywhere, that's for sure. It's definitely a personal decision. Thanks for all of your input!

    Daily Rio Life

    OH and for those wondering about the tunnels, there have been instances of people holding the tunnels up and robbing cars in the past. So the fears are not totally unfounded.


    i have been living in barra for 4 months now. the tunnel is not at all worrying for me, i just think some people over react. great blog =]

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