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    March 30, 2010


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    Account Deleted

    oh boy, can't wait to see the comments on this one.

    I think it's worth saying though that here in Brasil, a good many Brasilians who fit into the U.S. middle-class catagory, have maids. It's part of the culture here. You have to take into account that most people don't have clothes dryers, don't have dishwashers, don't even have hot water in the adds up to a lot more housework. It also accounts for a lot of jobs as well.

    And the nail thing, that too is something very Brasilian. All of the Brasilian women I know have their nails done once a week, including my housekeeper.


    You really haven't cleaned a toilet in two years??!!! Wow, I can't even wrap my head around that one! LOL! As to the question of whether or not you are spoiled--yes, definitely. But I say enjoy that lifestyle while you can!


    Enjoy every minute of your time in RIo...Reality is another thing here back in Canada. Most women my age look like hell because they do everything and they are worn out.
    I am doing everything to get my maid/assistant/nanny/saint to come to Canada. Live In Caregiver program....

    Wrenaissance Art

    Spoiled is a very loaded term, and seems to suggest that all expats enjoy this lifestyle in all postings, which is not the case.
    If you want to "test" your ability to survive without an empregada, don't hire a faxineira while your regular housekeeper goes on her 4-month maternity leave. Keeping a house/apartment in the tropics clean and comfortable without the amenities mentioned by airlegs is a full-time job!

    Daily Rio Life

    Ok maybe I am not as far gone as I thought... I actually don't have an empregada, rather a faxineira 2x/week and my nails, well, I can count on one hand how many times I have had them done since the Canadoca was born. I think spoiled is a state of mind that is evident by a sense of entitlement!

    Wrenaissance Art

    3 days a week isn't "far gone"--just enough to have to pay the INSS taxes, crossing the line between diarista and empregada.
    The professionals are just a lot more efficient at house-swabbing than we amateurs!


    I hear you Mrs. DRL! I am an American living in Rio (Barra) with my husband for 6 months....and we have a maid that comes five days a week. I love it, because at home in the USA...I do not have this - most people do Enjoy!


    you're only spoiled once you start behaving like a diva, if you're still a nice person then the service is just a perk =)

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